“. . . the tactic has not been a very effective deterrent . . .” (Talal Jabari)

❶ 5 Palestinians injured with live fire during Israeli demolition of prisoner’s home

  • background from Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics & Culture

❷ Israeli soldiers open fire, wound Palestinian over stabbing attack

  • background from Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics & Culture

❸ Israel sentences Pal boy to 6.5 years, $6,718 fine
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Ma’an News Agency
July 18, 2016
Five Palestinian civilians were injured by Israeli live fire during the pre-dawn hours of Monday, as Israeli forces carried out the punitive home demolition of Palestinian prisoner Bilal Ahmed Abu Zeid.
___Under the protection of armed Israeli soldiers, bulldozers entered the town of Qabatiya in the Jenin district early Monday morning, where they demolished the home of Abu Zeid, who was accused of transferring weapons to the attackers suspected in the killing of a 19-year-old Israeli border police officer and wounding of one other outside the Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem in February.    MORE . . .

From Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics & Culture
The recent unrest experienced across the Occupied Palestinian Territory . . . is the outcome of Israel’s oppressive occupation. While Israel’s violent responses to Palestinian resistance reverberate across the OPT, they have been especially felt in occupied East Jerusalem, specifically through recent legislation.
__Israel has framed much of the recent legislation against the backdrop of a so-called “wave of terrorism.” . . .  on October 13, 2015, Israel passed a series of measures . . .  the demolition of alleged terrorists’ homes . . . among others. In light of various comments made by Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who stated that Israel was “waging a fight to the death against Palestinian terror,” it is clear that the measures are to directly target the Palestinian population generally, and those of East Jerusalem specifically.
[. . . .]
The intent to collectively punish Palestinians is made clear by Knesset Member Oren Hazan, who stated . . . .  “[i]f you think we have done enough by stiffening the punishment, you are wrong. It’s time we realize that the Palestinians only understand force. No more . . .  demolishing homes two years after (a terror attack), but at the exact moment. . . . I plan to submit a proposal that the families of terrorists will be banished to Gaza. It’s time we internalize the fact that terror cannot be fought with democratic tools. (Israeli Knesset Press Release)

  • Baker, Aseil Abu. “Laws Targeting East Jerusalem: Discriminatory Intent and Application.” Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics & Culture 21.3 (2016): 55-64.  ARTICLE.

Palestine News Network – PNN
July 18, 2016
A Palestinian man was wounded after Israeli soldiers opened fire on him, over claims that he stabbed two soldiers who were at the entance of Al-Arroub refugee camp south of Bethlehem, central West Bank.
___The Palestinian Ministry of health said that the man who was shot was identified as Mustafa Barad’iyah from Al-Arroub refugee camp, adding that he was hit by two bullets in the stomach, and is now in a stable condition.   MORE . . .  

From Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics & Culture
Palestinians who were accused of attacking Israelis were shot directly, either by Israeli military forces or by settlers who may have just felt insecure or threatened with or without reason. Most of the martyrs would not be liable for a death sentence in a state of law. The homes of these Palestinian martyrs are being demolished in violation of international law. . . . the theft of Palestinian land and spree of barbaric extrajudicial killings are all being buoyed by the cheers of the masses, media incitement and the encouragement of the Israeli government and the Zionist far-right extremists.
[. . . .] Many other similar incidents of the extrajudicial execution of Palestinian youth accused of stabbing Israelis laid bare for the world the inhumanity of Zionism. It was enough to show the ongoing Jewish supremacist ideology which places non-Jews in an inferior relation to Jews and places less value on their lives. . . . It is an intergenerational sense of superiority bred from the dehumanization of Palestinians and Arabs in general that justifies their oppression, brutalization and murder.
__In the absence of international action to put an end to the Israeli occupation or even provide protection, what are Palestinians supposed to do, stand still and wait for the next family to be burned, or for the next Palestinian to be killed, or for the next settlement to be built? Why does the world remain silent while watching the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians?

  • Elrahim, Amira Abd. “Lack of Security For Palestinians.” Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics & Culture 21.2 (2015): 28-35.  ARTICLE.  

Days of Palestine
Jul 18, 2016
Israel Central Court in Jerusalem sentenced on Sunday 14-year-old Palestinian boy to six and half years and fine worth NIS26,000 ($6,718).
___The verdict against Alqam, who was kidnapped from the Israeli light rail in Jerusalem with his cousin on November 10, 2015, was reached during a hearing held last month.
___Alqam is accused of carrying out a stabbing attack against an Israeli commuter of the light rail in Jerusalem. While his cousin, Ali Alqam, is also accused of planning to carry out a stabbing attack.  MORE . . .
+972 Blog
Talal Jabari
July 17, 2016
One of my very first assignments as a young journalist was to go to Shuafat Refugee Camp in East Jerusalem to take pictures and gather quotes pertaining to the demolition of several homes that day. I remember looking on as the bulldozers went about their work, and as the residents of the homes, male and female, wept helplessly as they watched their life’s savings collapse into neat piles of rubble.
[. . . .]
Of the more than 48,000 structures Israel demolished since 1967, hundreds were destroyed as a punitive measure, in the aftermath of a Palestinian attack — even a failed attack. Logic would suggest that the very fact that Israel has had to demolish hundreds of homes rather than a few dozen means the tactic has not been a very effective deterrent. An Israeli army commission came to the same conclusion in 2005, publishing a report that put an end to the practice of punitive demolitions.
[. . . .]
So why are we still discussing a practice that was halted in 2005? In its infinite wisdom, the Israeli security establishment decided to ignore the findings of two military committees and the research of top Israeli journalists . . . .   MORE . . .

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