“. . . Israeli soldiers do not value human souls and they kill for many reasons . . . as if they are hunting birds . . .” (Talal Nimir)

Mustafa Nimir, killed by Israelis “BY MISTAKE” (Middle East Monitor, Sep. 6, 2016)

❶ Israeli intelligence informs father of slain Palestinian his son was ‘killed by mistake’
❷ No Surprise: Congressional Likudniks Blame Palestinians for Violence in Israel
. . . ❷ ― (ᴀ) Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
. . . ❷ ― (ᴃ) The Big Lie: Israel’s Concern For “Security”
. . . ❷ ― (ᴄ) Israeli and Palestinian voices on the US op-ed pages
. . . ❷ ― (ᴆ) Room with One View
❸ POETRY by Fouzi El-Asmar
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Ma’an news Agency
Sept. 6, 2016
Israeli intelligence on Tuesday informed the family of Mustafa Nimir, who was shot dead by Israeli forces on Monday during a military raid on the Shufat refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem, that the 27-year-old was “killed by mistake.”
___Mustafa’s father, Talal, told Ma’an that Israeli intelligence summoned him and his wife on Tuesday to the Nabl Yaqoub police station in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina and informed the family that . . .  that Mustafa and his brother-in-law, 25-year-old Ali Tayser Nimir who was injured at the time, were not attempting to carry out an attack.
___Israeli forces shot Mustafa dead and injured Ali when the two came under live fire while driving near clashes that erupted between local youth and Israeli soldiers during a military raid in Shufat refugee camp. The two were returning home after picking up food for their family.
[. . . .]
___ “Their sorry will not bring back Mustafa,” Talal told Ma’an after speaking with the Israeli police. “Israeli soldiers do not value human souls and they kill for many reasons and have different excuses, as if they are hunting birds.”       MORE . . .   

Washington Report On Middle East Affairs
Shirl McArthur
Jan./Feb. 2016
[. . . .]
___Probably to demonstrate its continued political clout after its embarrassing defeat over the Iran agreement, AIPAC strongly and successfully pushed three anti-Palestinian measures [in Congress]. Predictably, none of the three made any mention of the fact that there have been twice as many Palestinian as Israeli deaths during the violence, nor of the harsh and degrading actions of Israel’s government causing the humiliation and frustration driving individual Palestinians to take desperate actions. . . . [A] letter, sent Nov. 5, expressed concern “over the recent wave of Palestinian violence” and urged the “PA to take concrete steps to avoid further violence.” When sent, it had 369 signatures.
___The other two measures strongly pushed by AIPAC were the House and Senate resolutions condemning “the Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis” and anti-Israel “incitement” by PA officials and PA-controlled media outlets. . . .     MORE . . .
Mondoweiss  (reprinted from Middle East Policy)
Jerome Slater
April 21, 2015
For several reasons, Israeli terrorism has been morally worse than that of the Palestinians. First, at least since the 1980s, most — though not all — Palestinian terrorism has been largely driven by the just cause of national liberation in part of Palestine rather than the unjust one of the destruction of Israel. By contrast, while there is a strong case that Zionist terrorism was instrumental in the establishment of the state of Israel during the 1940s, a just cause, since at least 1967 Israeli terrorism has had no just cause. Contrary to the widely accepted mythology, its primary purpose has not been “self-defense” but rather the prevention of a two-state settlement and maintenance of the occupation and other forms of control over the Palestinians.    MORE . . .   
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
Rachelle Marshall
March, 2011
Like the self-deluding crowds that praised the king’s new clothes as he strode by stark naked, U.S. policymakers have long refused to acknowledge that Israel’s security is in less danger from its Arab neighbors than from maintaining an oppressive occupation. Thanks to pressure from America’s Israel lobby, Washington long ago assumed as a sacred trust the obligation to spend billions of dollars a year assuring Israel’s military superiority in the Middle East. As a result, Israel is one of the most heavily armed nations in the world, with a politically powerful military establishment.
___Protecting national security has from the beginning been less of a concern to Israeli leaders than acquiring more territory.       MORE . . .

Parents of Mustafa Nimir (Photo: Ma’an News Agency, Sep. 7, 2016)

Electronic Intifada
Patrick O’Connor
Mar. 13, 2006
In the US media, Palestinians generally aren’t allowed to speak for themselves or to articulate their historical narrative. Israelis, however, are permitted to speak, to explain the Israeli experience and even to explain about Palestinians. As a result, the Israeli story is known in the US while Palestinians are dehumanized. This report exhaustively details the extent to which Palestinian voices have been silenced in the op-ed pages of major US newspapers for the past five years. This report compares the number of opinion pieces published by Israeli writers with those published by Palestinian writers between September 29, 2000, and December 31, 2005, in the op-ed pages of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and The Washington Post, the five US newspapers with the greatest circulation.       MORE . . .
. . . ❷ ― (ᴆ) ROOM  WITH  ONE  VIEW
Editor & Publisher
Ahmed Bouzid
Sep. 23, 2002
Despite the evidence, the simple view that Palestinians slaughter civilians and Israelis at worst unintentionally or mistakenly kill them (with “stray bullets” and “errant shells”) still prevails, unshaken, in the reporting of the conflict by all the major U.S. newspapers. The result is coverage that reports, as a matter of routine, suicide bombings by Palestinians with blaring headlines and Page One photographs, while the killing of Palestinian civilians (even children) is covered with little fanfare.
___This occurs even though human-rights organizations on the ground report that Israel does target civilians, deliberately and systematically. . . .
___Yet coverage of the conflict continues to sketch a far different reality.    MORE (SOURCE) . . .

Don’t ask me
the impossible
Don’t’ ask me
to hunt stars,
walk to the sun.
Don’t ask me
to empty the sea
to erase the day’s light
I am nothing but a man.

Don’t ask me
to abandon my eyes, my love,
the memory of my childhood.

I was raised
under an olive tree,
I ate the figs
of my orchard
drank wine from
the sloping vineyards
Tasted Cactus fruit
in the valleys
more, more.

The nightingale has sung
in my ears
The free winds of fields and cities
always tickled me
My friend
You cannot ask me
to leave my own country.  (March 1971)

El Azmar, Fouzi. POEMS  FROM  AN  ISRAELI  PRISON. Intro. By Israel Shahak. New York: KNOW Books, 1973.
Available from Amazon.
About Fouzi El Asmar.

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