“. . . Since 1967, the Israeli government has treated these Jerusalemites as foreign immigrants . . .” (Tariq S. Nassar)

Ras al-Amoud in East Jerusalem on October 21, 2014. (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

❶ Pro-settler group returns to court to evict 9 Palestinian families in Jerusalem
. . . ❶ ― (a) After Amona ruling, Jerusalem asks court to approve demolition of Palestinian homes

  • Background:  “Israelization Of East Jerusalem, Land Through Identity And The Question Of Citizenship.” Palestine-Israel Journal Of Politics, Economics & Culture

❷ Army Invades Silwan, Al-‘Eesawiyya And Hizma, In Jerusalem, Kidnaps One Palestinian
❸ Israeli forces attack citizens in Jenin
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Ma’an News Agency
Nov. 16, 2016
Ateret Cohanim, a pro-settler Israeli organization, has asked the Israeli courts to begin the evictions of nine Palestinian families in the neighborhood of Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem, according to Israeli media.
___Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the total number of Palestinian families the settler group has attempted to evict has risen to 72, all of whom live in the Batan al-Hawa area of Silwan.
___Ateret Cohanim is an Israeli pro-settlement nonprofit organization — receiving tax-deductible donations from the United States through their financial intermediary American Friends of Ateret Cohanim — which focuses on “Judaizing” East Jerusalem through a Jewish reclamation project working to expand illegal settlements and facilitate Jewish takeover of Palestinian properties across the Green Line into Palestinian territory.
___The Wadi Hilweh Information Center obtained a map last year that detailed the group’s plans of confiscating 5,200 square meters of land in the Batan al-Hawa area of Silwan under claims that the properties were owned by Jews from Yemen since 1881.     More . . .
Ma’an News Agency
Nov. 16, 2016
In response to the Israeli Supreme Court’s ruling to evacuate the illegal Israeli outpost of Amona in the occupied West Bank by the year’s end, the Jerusalem Municipality has reportedly demanded that the court in turn approve the immediate demolition of more than a dozen Palestinian homes in Jerusalem.
___Leading up to a court session regarding a petition by the state to postpone the evacuation of Amona, the implementation of which has faced almost a decade of delays amid widespread backlash from Israel’s right-wing government, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat threatened last week that dismantling the outpost would be met with the mass demolition of Palestinian homes lacking Israeli-issued building permits in occupied East Jerusalem.      More . . .

  • Nassar, Tariq S. “Israelization Of East Jerusalem, Land Through Identity And The Question Of Citizenship.” Palestine-Israel Journal Of Politics, Economics & Culture 21.2 (2015): 5-11.  Full article.  

After Israel occupied the West Bank following the 1967 War, it annexed around 70.5 square kilometers of the West Bank into the Jerusalem municipality boundary and claimed Jerusalem as an open city. The Palestinians who remained in Jerusalem were protected by the International Humanitarian Law (IHL), since the annexation conflicted with the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.
___The Israeli government at that time granted the Palestinian Jerusalemites a permanent residency status and offered them the right to apply for Israeli citizenship, but Palestinians refused to apply for it. [. . . .] The different strategies and policies in East Jerusalem include planning practices, combined with laws and regulations restricting Palestinians with permanent residency status from entering their city or changing their identity. In the past decade the number of Palestinians acquiring Israeli citizenship has increased substantially.
[. . . .]   Approximately 360,000 Palestinians have Jerusalem IDs, which means that they have permanent residency status, which allows them to live in and enter the city. The status of this permanent residency depends on the holder’s actual staying in Jerusalem and is less secure than citizenship. Since 1967, the Israeli government has treated these Jerusalemites as foreign immigrants who have freely chosen to go and work in Israel and can apply for Israeli citizenship.
[. . . .]    The Israeli urban planners in Jerusalem aimed to enlarge the municipality boundaries as much as possible by using both hidden and clear planning tools in order to weaken and segregate the Palestinians communities in Jerusalem. . . . In 2004, when the Jerusalem municipality officially declared the first comprehensive master plan for Jerusalem, the “Jerusalem Master Plan 2000,” they had a clear, written ethno-demographic policy goal of keeping Jerusalem “30% Arab and 70% Jewish”. The current demographic ratio is around 40% Arabs and 60% Jewish, despite all the Israeli policies trying to keep it around 30% to 70%.
[. . . .]  For more than 45 years, the municipality of Jerusalem has neglected to allow Arab rural villages to become dense urban areas by failing to provide them with a proper planning process or even an outline plan in some areas. The constraints against obtaining a building permit are one of the municipal policies that aim to limit the Arab expansion in Jerusalem. This restriction often leads to illegal buildings and, consequently, the eventual use of house demolition policy, another means used to dominate the Palestinian Jerusalemite population.
___Another planning tool used by the Israeli government to try to ensure the 30% Arab and 70% Jewish ratio is the building of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem along with the confiscation of Palestinian land. In addition to this building and confiscating, the Israeli government has also managed to declare many areas in East Jerusalem to be national parks, thus transferring the responsibility of these lands from the municipality to the National Parks Authority (NPA), a national authority. According to the “Jerusalem Master Plan 2000,” most of the areas that were declared national parks in East Jerusalem were areas where Palestinian Jerusalemites lived and owned land.

International Middle East Media Center – IMEMC      
November 16, 2016
Israeli soldiers invaded, on Tuesday evening, Ras al-‘Amoud neighborhood, in Silwan town, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem and kidnapped a young Palestinian man. The army also invaded Hizma and al-‘Eesawiyya towns, in Jerusalem, and clashed with dozens of youngsters.
___Several army jeeps invaded Ras al-‘Amoud, searched homes and kidnapped a former political prisoner, identified as Abed Ez Barbar.        More . . .   

Army Invades Al-‘Eesawiyya And Silwan In Jerusalem. Feb. 15 2013 (Photo: IMEMC)

Alray-Palestinian Media Agency   
Nov. 16, 2016
Israeli occupation forces (IOF0 stormed at dawn on Wednesday Zaboba at western city of Jenin in the northern West Bank and attacked Palestinian citizens.
___Locals said that the IOF stormed the town at dawn, raided houses, and attacked the citizens.
___They stormed the houses of Mahmoud Jaradat, Thaer Jaradat, Ashraf Zoqsaq, and Wahed Zoqsaq.      More . . .

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