“. . . this community interpreted the [1967] war and its results as a heavenly call from above to do whatever possible to keep all the occupied territories under Israel’s sovereignty. . . .” (Eliezer Don-Yehiya)

❶ . Israeli military order to transfer Amona settlement to Palestinian lands
❷ . Israel pledges to vote on bill banning Athan next week

  • Background:     “Messianism and Politics: The Ideological Transformation Of Religious Zionism.” Israel Studies

❸ . Motion for withdrawing confidence from Israeli government
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Alray-Palestinian Media Agency
Dec. 1, 2016
Chief of General staff of Israeli occupation army Roni Nomah signed Wednesday at night a military order to transfer settlers of Amona settlement to another location in the West Bank.
___The Israeli High Court of Justice ordered to evacuate the settlement by December 25 since it was built on Palestinian private lands.
___The Israeli occupation Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit proposed on Monday an apparent compromise to end the problem of demolishing an illegal West Bank settlement.
___According to Mandelblit’s suggestion, the evacuees of Amona, would be housed temporarily on three plots of land administered by Israel’s Custodian for Absentees’ Property.    
___Settlers in Amona refused this solution saying that they are not tools to be transferred on another place.     More . . .   
Days of Palestine   
Dec. 1, 2016
Israeli Knesset postponed on Wednesday voting on bill banning Muslim call to prayer using loudspeakers in Palestinian territories.
___The vote on the bill, which aroused global criticism of Israeli restrictions on religious freedoms, was set on next Wednesday.
___Meanwhile, another bill legalising Jewish settler outposts built on privately-owned Palestinian lands in the occupied Palestinian territories, was also postponed.   More . . .

  • Don-Yehiya, Eliezer. “Messianism And Politics: The Ideological Transformation Of Religious Zionism.” Israel Studies 19.2 (2014): 239-263. (Professor, Department of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel)   SOURCE.  

The Israeli religious Zionist community has undergone profound changes in various areas, and particularly in the sphere of political ideology. The religious Zionist parties were known for their political moderation. However, in recent decades they have become identified with radical or Right-wing positions on foreign and political affairs, especially those that are related to the Arab–Israeli conflict. Religious Zionists are among the firmest supporters of the idea of the “Greater Land of Israel”
[. . . .]  . . . the change in the political line of religious Zionism was the result of Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War.
___ [. . .  the liberation of territories that were part of the historic Land of Israel and included the most holy places of Jewish religion stirred messianic enthusiasm within the religious Zionist community in Israel. Many, if not most, of the members of this community interpreted the war and its results as a heavenly call from above to do whatever possible to keep all the occupied territories under Israel’s sovereignty.
[. . . .] The messianic idea is a central foundation of traditional Judaism. And yet, for a lengthy period of time it was linked with a passive waiting for Heavenly redemption. Even today this is the interpretation it receives in Haredi circles.
[. . . .]   While even the most radical of the participants in the struggle against the disengagement [from Gaza] recoiled from the use of loaded firearms, many of those who took part in the struggle were dissatisfied with the way that it was conducted. . . . The lesson that these people drew from the event was that further attempts to evacuate Jews from their homes should be confronted by a much more militant and resolute resistance. This lesson was in fact implemented in the Amona affair, which occurred about half a year after the disengagement from Gaza.
[. . . .]   They appealed to the Israel High Court of Justice, which instructed the government to order the evacuation and destruction of the houses. The settlers and their supporters from all over the country sharply denounced the decision of the court and declared their intention to do whatever possible to thwart its implementation. . . . In the fierce confrontation that erupted, both parties resorted to violent . . .

Dec. 1, 2016
The United Arab list in the Israeli Knesset submitted a motion for withdrawing confidence from the Israeli government due to its decision of expanding the project of settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories.
___The United Arab list said in a press release that the motion will be discussed and voted on later in the next week.
___The United Arab list added that Israel’s Extreme Right-Wing Government continues to expand settlements in the Occupied Palestinian territories and tries to legislate a law of legitimizing settlements that violates international law and human rights.   More . . .

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