“. . . Under Article 43 of the Hague Regulations, Israel, as the Occupying Power, must ‘restore, and ensure, as far as possible, public order and safety’ . . .” (Marya Farah)

Home demolition in East Jerusalem (Photo: Harold Knight, June, 2008)

❶ . Israeli authorities demolish 3 Palestinian structures in Jerusalem-area neighborhood
❷ . Eviction Orders Delivered to 8 Facilities in the Negev

  • Background:  “Planning In Area C: Discrimination in Law and Practice.” Palestine-Israel Journal Of Politics, Economics & Culture

❸ . Israeli settlers, forces raze land east of Nablus

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Ma’an News Agency     
Dec. 6, 2016
Israeli authorities demolished three Palestinian structures in the neighborhood of Silwan in the central occupied West Bank district of Jerusalem on Tuesday morning, according to the owners.
___Alaa Shweiki told Ma’an that bulldozers arrived on his property early Tuesday morning under armed military protection. The bulldozers then demolished a structure roofed with steel tubes and tin sheets that Shweiki used as a horse stable. He highlighted that the same structures had already been demolished in November.
___Shweiki added that Israeli forces confiscated one of his horses, and that bulldozers leveled some of his land and tore down fences and dry-stone walls.
___In the Karm al-Sheikh area of Silwan, Israeli forces demolished two houses under construction whose owners had previously demolished them on Saturday in compliance with an Israeli court order.     More . . . 

Israeli Settlers Raze Palestinian Lands South of Nablus, April 4, 2016 (Photo: IMEMC)

International Middle East Media Center – IMEMC 
December 5, 2016
Israeli authorities, on Sunday, gave eviction notices to eight Palestinian-owned facilities in the Umm al-Hiran village, in the Negev Desert.
___Head of the popular committee in the village, Raed Abu Qei’an, affirmed that Israel Land Administration crews stormed the village on Sunday, escorted by Israeli police forces, and delivered the evacuation orders, Pal Info reported, according to the PNN.     The evacuation orders were delivered against four houses and four sheds in the village, he added.
[. . . .] Israeli authorities seek to demolish the village and to forcibly displace its residents, and for the sole purpose of establishing a new Jewish settlement named “Hiran” over its ruins, in a flagrant violation of international laws and principles.      More . . .  

  • Farah, Marya. “Planning In Area C: Discrimination In Law And Practice.” Palestine-Israel Journal Of Politics, Economics & Culture 21.3 (2016): 39-48.  ARTICLE.

In the first week of March 2016 alone, 64 Palestinians were left homeless by Israeli demolitions in the West Bank. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the month of February 2016 saw the highest number of demolitions in the West Bank since it began documenting them in 2009, with 235 homes and structures destroyed, dismantled or confiscated. This resulted in the displacement of 331 individuals, including 174 children in February.
___Communities targeted for demolition are often some of the most vulnerable, thus creating even more dire living conditions for individuals. In contrast to the visibly dismal and harsh human rights situation is the very sterile, methodical legal system, which “necessitates” the demolitions. At the same time, demolitions, and the coercive environment they create as a whole, cannot be divorced from Israel’s settlement enterprise. Both are part of a broader policy, and are performed under the pretense of legitimate authority.
___Under Article 43 of the Hague Regulations, Israel, as the Occupying Power, must “restore, and ensure, as far as possible, public order and safety” in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). In carrying out this duty, a planning regime should serve the interests of the protected Palestinian population, but instead, the planning regime itself, as part of a larger dual set of laws and practices, obstructs the most basic rights of Palestinians.
[. . . .] Methods used for confiscating Palestinian land by the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) include: requisition for military purposes, public needs (such as roads or nature reserves), and declarations of absentee land and state land.      [. . . .] In total, the Civil Administration, a body within the Israeli Ministry of Defense, is responsible for implementing Israeli government policy in the West Bank, and has authority over zoning, construction, and infrastructure matters in Area C. Within this structure, the Central Planning Bureau is responsible for the High Planning Council, and for all planning in Area C, including Palestinian communities and Israeli settlements. . .   This inevitably creates a situation where one body is examining matters for two conflicting interests: one that is in line with government policy, and the other that is in line with international law.   [. . . .]

Palestine News and Information Agency – WAFA  
Dec. 6, 2016
Israeli settlers backed by soldiers razed Tuesday large areas of Palestinian-owned land east of Nablus in north of the West Bank, according to a local official.
___Gassan Daghlas, in charge of the settlements file in the Palestinian Authority, told WAFA that settlers and soldiers razed 40 dunums of agricultural land owned by Ahmad Nasser in the village of Jaloud. No reason was given for this act.     More . . .   

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