“. . . and grant you an Arab passport that has no return visa . . .” (Nizar Qabbani)

Fifty years of occupation. Apartheid Wall near Jerusalem (Photo: Harold Knight, Nov. 15, 2015)

❶ Half a century of occupation threatens our international legal order
. . . . . ❶ ― (ᴀ) Marking 50 years of Israeli occupation, campaign launched to expose injustice

BACKGROUND: 50 Years of Occupation: Ongoing Colonial Economic Domination

❷ Palestinian leadership still left guessing on Trump’s vision for the peace process
. . . . . ❷ ― (ᴀ) About the Promised “Regional Solution”
. . . . . ❷ ― (ᴃ) Trump’s visit to Israel: How Palestine disappeared from US media coverage
❸ POETRY by Nizar Qabbani
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Gerard Horton
June 4, 2017         Israel’s policy . . .   undermines the credibility of our legal order established in the aftermath of World War II. This could have dangerous implications for the rule of law beyond the region.
On June 7, 50 years ago, Israeli military forces occupied the West Bank and imposed martial law over the Palestinian population living in the territory. . . .
___Once martial law was established, Major General Haim Herzog, the military commander in the West Bank at the time, started issuing military orders regulating the lives of Palestinians living in the territory. Fifty years on there are almost 1,800 orders. . . .
___At the same time as martial law was imposed the military authorities also established military courts to prosecute any infractions. As with the imposition of martial law . . . .       MORE . . . .
Palestine News and Information Agency – WAFA 
June 3, 2017
In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, the Palestinian Task Force on Public Diplomacy launched Saturday a grass roots social media campaign in English and Arabic under the title:  #Occupationis  or الاحتلال_هو#.
___“The campaign seeks to raise awareness about the occupation and its injustices by presenting the human face of the Palestinian people and a series of narratives encapsulating the impact of the occupation on individual lives, and at the same time celebrating the Palestinian spirit of endurance and resilience,” according to a press release.   MORE . . . .       ON TWITTER . . . .

BACKGROUND:  50  Years  of  Occupation:  Ongoing  Colonial  Economic  Domination      
This Week In Palestine  
Nur Arafeh
June, 2017
This article examines the economy of the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) following the 1967 occupation within the analytical framework of settler-colonialism. Indeed, the occupation was only a continuation of the Zionist settler-colonial project. Israel’s control over the OPT has been colonial because it involves a foreign entity that is seeking to appropriate the land of the indigenous population and establish a new colonial society. It has also been based on the disarticulation of the OPT economy, making it heavily dependent on the Israeli economy and thus preventing Palestinian independence and sovereignty.
___What are the structural mechanisms of Israeli colonial control and how has the relationship between the Israeli economy and the OPT economy changed over the years?       MORE . . . .

Ma’an News Agency
June 4, 2017
The United States government has remained elusive regarding “the vision” of US President Donald Trump for Israel and Palestine, the re-launching of peace negotiations, and ending the 50-year Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory, leaving Palestinian leadership guessing, according to Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee member Wassil Abu Yousif.
___Abu Yousif told Ma’an on Satruday that Trump “hasn’t suggested any clarifications or solutions” regarding his vision of a solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, noting that Palestinian leadership is still waiting for details of “the ultimate deal” that Trump has boasted of in the past.     MORE . . . .  
Al-Hourriah (Freedom)
Moatasem Hamada — Translated by Manal Mansour
May 23, 2017
In the next few hours, we will arrive at a very important political station, which is the visit of US President Trump to Riyadh.
___The agenda of the visit is unusual. It will not be limited to an American meeting with the leadership of the Saudi Arabia. Besides this meeting, there will be an American-Gulf summit, and an Arab-American summit . . .   and perhaps an Arab- American regional summit . . .
___In these summits several files will be discussed, one of them the US cooperation with Saudi Arabia, and with the Gulf cooperation Council (GCC), which will raise the issue of relations with Iran, as well as the issues of «terrorism», which will raise the issue of Hezbollah, and the most important, is that one of these meetings will discuss the Arab-Israeli «peace deal», that Trump has confirmed his intention to accomplish . . .  if we go back to the reports that were circulated in the US Congress; Iran is “the first state that sponsors the terrorism in the world.” The meaning of this regional cooperation against terrorism is therefore largely understood.
___But the important question that remains for us, without underestimating the other questions:   Why reaching to an Arab-Israeli deal in a “regional solution” paves the way for an Israeli-Palestinian solution.       MORE . . .

trump and liberace polar bear
Trump and Liberace, 1984 (Photo found on econospeak.blogspot.com, Oct. 16, 2016)

Ma’an News Agency
Ramzy Baroud
May 29, 2017
As if he has, overnight, been transformed into a master politician, Donald Trump’s 27-hour trip to Israel has left many analysts mystified.
___Quoting former Israeli political adviser Mitchell Barack The New York Times referred to Trump as the “Liberace of world leaders,” in reference to flamboyant piano player Wladziu Valantino Liberace. The latter, known as “Mr. Showmanship,” was, at times, the highest paid entertainer in the world and his successful career lasted over four decades.
___New York Magazine Online quoted former US ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro too, trying to decipher the supposedly complicated persona of Trump.
___”Either Trump’s visit was substance-free — or he ‘is being uncharacteristically subtle’ in planting the seeds for new round of peace negotiations,” NYmag quoted and paraphrased Shapiro’s tweets.       MORE . . . .

-(on the fifth anniversary of the Arab defeat in June 1967)
You come back for the fifth year,
barefoot, a burlap sack slung on your back,
the sadness of the heavens mapped on your face –
so, too, the pain of Job,
and we’ll greet you at every airport
with bouquets, and drink your health with copious wine.
We’ll sing and recite insincere poems in your presence,
and you’ll get used to us
and we to you.

We ask you to vacation here in summer,
like all tourists,
and we’ll designate you the royal suite
prepared especially for you.
You may enjoy the night . . .  and the neon lights,
the rock and roll, the porno and the jazz –
here we know only felicity,
and in my country you’ll find what pleases,
furnished flats for lovers,
abundance of liquor,
and a harem for the caliph.

Why are you so curtailed in flight?
My sad-faced guest,
we have streams and grass and beautiful girls,
so why your diffidence?
We’ll help you forget Palestine,
and pluck the tear-tree from your eyes
and from the Qur’an erase the verses,
the “Compassionate,” and the “Conquest,”
and we’ll assassinate Jesus Christ
and grant you an Arab passport
that has no return visa.

Fifth year
tenth year
what do the years amount to?
All our grand cities, from the Euphrates to the Nile,
are now lost to memory.
We’ve forgotten the men who disappeared in the desert
and those who died are extinguished.
What do the years count for?
We’ve prepared the funeral wreaths and the scarves
and composed the orations,
and carved, a week before your arrival,
the marble of the tombstones.
O  East that feeds on the paper of communiques
and trails like a lamb behind posters
O East that writes the name of its fallen
on the faces of mirrors
on the waists of belly dancers –
what do the years count for?
What ever do they amount to?
――Trans. By Sharif Elmusa and Jeremy Reed.
FROM:  BEFORE  THERE  IS  NOWHERE  TO  STAND:  PALESTINE  ISRAEL  POETS  RESPOND  TO  THE  STRUGGLE.  Ed. By Joan Dobbie and Grace Beeler. Sandpoint ID: Lost Horse Press, 2012.  Available from Barnes and Noble.
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