• Each news story begins with the headline, then the source is listed. The by-line (if available), and the date of publication follow.
  • The beginning of the story is copied to give a sense of its content.
  • At the end is a link to the full story:   MORE . . .
  • I am now providing in-depth background from academic articles for the issue(s) raised in the news item.
  • Because WordPress does not create important formatting options:
  • The photos posted are either from the stories themselves or illustrations from other internet sources. (If they are copyrighted and need to be removed, please notify me.)
  • The title of the blog is always a quote from the poem. Poems usually relate to at least some of the news stories. However, sometimes they are random. Like poetry itself.

2 thoughts on “GUIDE TO FORMAT

  1. Re. Prof Khoury’s unfortunate, failed attempt to visit Palestine, please note that Sen. Barbara Boxer engineered a visa waiver for Israeli Jews to enter the US. Normally, a visa waiver is based on reciprocal treatment of US citizens. Not in the case of Israel. There is no such reciprocity. My Senator, Ben Cardin, an unapologetic Zionist, like Barbara Boxer, says Israel needs to monitor the entry of American citizens for reasons of Israeli security and that the State Dept will be sure American citizens are not prejudiced by this unequal treatment. I suggest Prof. Khoury forward his graphic narrative to the DOS and ask for a followup response – for all the good that will do. Our govt, in thrall to Zionism, is willing to permit the abuse of US citizens of Palestinian nationality, since this is what Apartheid Israel must do to discourage Palestinians from visiting their homeland.


    • I have copied your comment in a “comment” on this posting. You will also be interested to know the website Mondoweiss has published Dr. Khoury’s story, and it has become well-known. You might go to Mondoweiss website and make the same comment there.


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