Poetry that has been posted, listed by author (alphabetical by last name)  with date published here.
The complete annotated bibliography with sources and poet bios is a work in progress.

Taha Muhammad Ali. “Revenge.” February 23
S.V. Atalla. “Story.” February 13
Mourid Barghouti. “A Night unlike Others.” February 18
Ibtisam Barakat. “Curfew.” February 28
Rabbi Rachel Barenblat. “First Visit to the Camp D’haisha, Bethlehem.” April 13
Bei Dao. “Ramallah.” February 21
Mahmoud Darwish. “Concerning Hopes.” March 23
Mahmoud Darwish. “I Belong There.” February 10
Najwan Darwish. “A Poem for Gaza.” March 9
Samih Faraj. “A Woman.” June 5
Fouzi El-Asmar. “Because I Am an Arab.” March 12
Majid Aba Ghoush. “Occupation.” June 2
Nathalie Handal. “Made In Palestine (May 3 through October 23, 2003).” March 16
Samuel Hazo. “Intifada.” April 19
Rashid Hussein. “Jaffa.” June 1
Rashid Hussein. “Without A Passport.” March 11
Fady Joudah. “Mimesi.” February 25
Lahab Assef Al-Jundi. “Holy Landers.” April 9
Tareq Al-Karmy. “Not Only Rivers.” May 25
Aminah Kazak. “Deportation.” March 20
Mohammed Lafi. “My Other Self and I.” March 25
Mohammed Lafi. “Portraits and Paintings.” June 3
Yousef Abu Loz. “Last of the Century.” April 22
Yousef Al-Mahmoud. “Above the Carnations.” April 3
Zakaria Mohammed. “The Cypress Tree.” March 24
Sami Muhanna. “Rhythms of the Night.” March 22
Ibrahim Nasrallah. “Absence.” March 14
Ibrahim Nasrallah. “Survivors’ Poem.” April 11
Abu Salma. “The More I Love You.” March 7
Naomi Shihab Nye. “Blood.” February 11
Naomi Shihab Nye. “The Clean Rinse.” June 7
Naomi Shihab Nye. “Jerusalem.” May 20
Nizar Qabbani. “Jerusalem.” April 27
Samih Al-Qasim. “A Homeland.” May 2
Samih Al-Qasim. “Travel Tickets.” February 17
Yousef El Qedra. “I Have No Home.” May 18
Diab Rabie. “Swearing by Your Jerusalem.” April 24
Asma Shaker. “An Imaginary Raid.” February 16
Zuhair Abu Shaib. “Martyr.” April 21
Zuhair Abu Shaib. “Name of the Soil.” April 30
Abdel Rahim Al-Sheikh. “Single Address for the Post.” April 9
Somaya El Sousi. “The Art of Living in Gaza.” March 31
Fadwa Tuqan. “The Deluge and the Tree.” March 4
Ibrahim Tuqan. “Commando.” March 10
Ghassan Zaqtan. “Will They Believe?” February 27
Tawfiq Zayyad. “Here We Will Stay.” March 5
Tawfiq Zayyad. “The Olive Tree.” June 6


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